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  • Since the beginning of this year

    時間:2021-05-23 瀏覽:93
    Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture has fully implemented the spirit of the Central Rural Work Conference and the National Conference on Agricultural Work, took the transformation of the agricultural development mode and the quality of development as the main line, and vigorously promoted the development of "comprehensive, full, high-quality and efficient agricultural mechanization."
    Agricultural Machinery purchase subsidy policy to implement efficient and standardized. First, the full implementation of "full price purchase." This year in addition to Beijing,  Tibet and Heilongjiang reclamation of some of the Board, the other provinces all the implementation of "full price purchase, fixed subsidies, county-level settlement, direct subsidies to the card." The second is to focus on promoting the policy of GSP. There are 21 provinces in the country that choose some of the most needed machinery to implement open subsidies. Third, implement the simplification of power and decentralization to promote market-oriented reforms. Further clarify the agricultural machinery manufacturers to set their own independent distributors qualifications and determine the dealer, farmers choose their own farm machinery vendors, independent bargaining and allow cross-county purchase. Fourth, simplify the program to facilitate farmers. Peasants in some provinces to carry out the first purchase of subsidies after the pilot, the implementation in the agricultural machinery market purchase applications, such as subsidies apply for a one-stop services. Fifth, strengthen supervision and deal with violations of discipline and discipline seriously. Clarified the specific requirements of the information disclosure of rural subsidy policy in the province and county. Adoption of special inspection and complaint reporting, increase investigation efforts. As of June 30, a total of 5.96 billion yuan of subsidies were paid to the central government for agricultural machinery purchase, subsidizing 110.5 million sets of agricultural machinery and tools and benefiting 97 million rural households.
    Important farming time agricultural mechanization production effective and orderly. During the spring planting period, a total of 24.34 million sets of farm machinery were put into operation in the spring mechanized production operations such as cultivating land, pouring wheat, planting and transplanting rice seedlings, and a total of 680 million mu of plowed area was completed, an increase of 10 million mu more than the previous year. Broadcasting an area of 576 million mu. During the summer of "Three Summers", a total of 550,000 units of harvesters were put into operation in the country, with a total area of 287 million mu of harvesters harvested and a level of machine receiving 92%, an increase of 1 percentage point over the same period of last year. The "Wheat Harvester - Straw Returning - Corn Free Plowing and sowing "one-stop operation mode; Huanghuaihai summer maize area put 1.1 million planters to complete summer corn sowing 1.42 million mu. Agricultural machinery cooperatives became the main sources of wheat harvest; the national wheat harvest peak overall advancement, wheat harvest basically ended 4-5 days earlier than the same period last year.
    Progress has been made in the mechanization of food production and the mechanization of the weak links in the production of bulk cash crops. Give full play to the leading role of the central government's financial funds, and set up 19 rice and 8 maize mechanization demonstration counties throughout the country. Joint relevant scientific research and promotion agencies to carry out large-scale economic crop full mechanization of high yield and efficient production model demonstration, the layout of the rape, cotton, sugar cane, peanut mechanical harvest mainly mechanized production demonstration film, to carry out breed breeding, machine selection, cultivation Supporting methods and other related experimental demonstration work, efforts to overcome related technical problems. In the first half of the year, a total of nearly 20,000 sessions of agricultural mechanization technology were held in the country and 16 million technical propaganda materials were distributed. Cumulative new promotion Deep pine land preparation, machine transplanting and other new types of agricultural mechanization area of 120 million mu.

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